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After leaving the British Army, Andrew Oatham commenced his career in the UK as a visual artist, specialising in Photography and High-End Digital Retouching for major UK and Australian magazines. Andrew is known for his unique and often glamorous style, which sometimes portrays underlying social commentary or a distinct 'visual twist'.

Even before attending Art and Design college, art has always been a vital factor in Andrew's life. Andrew created the famed 'For the Love of Tiffany', the colourful pop art mixed media art pieces created with acrylics and layered spray paint. Each art piece is unique, with the colours being decided on each design according to the randomly created base colour or effect.

In addition to the ever popular mainstream photographic fashion and corporate styles, Andrew has created a range of niche photographic concepts that gives a unique photographic experience.

Andrew has since returned to his 'dark side' with his alternative art concept creations. These are designed and created digitally by composing pieces of scanned vintage medical and historical etchings in his own unique blend of creativity. The artworks combine to create one dramatic final image which have proven to be extraordinarily popular since their release. With colour quality and longevity being of the utmost importance, Andrew produces all digital artworks and photography prints in-house, on his own 'Museum Quality' large format industry printer.

Since 2014, Andrews main focus is with his company iCOMBAT Australia and the first Australian iCOMBAT branded venue, iCOMBAT Campbellfield. With a shift of focus on Australian security, Andrew opened irTactical in 2016 selling and renting simulated tactical weapons. After supplying simulated firearms for the ultra realistic training for the NSW Counter Terrorism & Special Tactics police, Andrew has rebranded to AOT - Alpha Oscar Tactical to offer. sales and rental to the Professiona, LEO and Military market.

When time allows, Andrew still photographs and create art at his create space Soho Studios